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Weed Panda Shop cherry oil has a hint of cherry in the taste, its nice and smooth when smoked. It's texture and color is a bit runny with dark red tones. This oil has a good amount of CBD, for relief with chronic pain, head aches/migraines, back aches. It also helps with insomnia. The THC level is not too high, its a good balance with the CBD. Thrive Cherry oil is a good evening/night time high. 

Cherry oil is one of the most common forms of cannabis oil. Cherry oil can be used for its powerful medicinal effects in food infusion,topical applications or direct consumption via combustion.

Thrive cherry oil made with 99.9% isopropanol not butane like BHO. Cherry oil comes out with a golden / reddish tint giving it the signature cherry name. This oil averages between 50-70% THC and contains a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes giving it a strong flavor with high medicinal value. 

Purchase Cannabis Cherry Oil Online, also known as RSO or Rick Simpson Oil but there is a wide range of different “cherry” oils one can produce depending on the filtration and starting material. Honey oil is a more refined version of cherry oil with THC of 75-85%. It can also be produced from isopropanol with a winterization process and more filtration. These cannabis oils can be smoked, dabbed or consumed orally. They can also be diluted with a carrier oil and be used directly on the skin as a topical ointment, applied onto foods, or put in gel caps. Weed Panda Shop makes it possible for you to access the best quality of weed online. Buy Marijuana online, Buy cannabis oil online, Buy marijuana wax online, buy shatter online, Buy Marijuana edibles, Order Cannabis Cherry Oil Online.

Cannabis Cherry Oil

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    • High in THC: Excellent for non-addictive pain management.
    • Medical Use: Cherry oil is well known for a variety of medical applications.
    • Consume Orally: You can eat it or apply it directly to the skin.
    • Vape & Dab: Tetra tears are great for dabbing or vaping!


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