Buy Green Crack Shatter it's made from high quality Green Crack cannabis. Despite the name Green Crack, the shatter is made from nothing but pure sweet sativa buds. Green Crack is known for providing invigorating effects, increasing creativity and for providing substantial relief from stress, depression, and fatigue. Purchase Green Crack Shatter it can be enjoyed however you prefer to dab, whether it be in a rig, dab pen or mixed with your ganja wrapped around a joint.

Green Crack God shatter is a concentrate of celestial proportions, coming from the sticky union of God Bud and Green Crack, this balanced hybrid strain has a THC content of 78% and offers the indica whole body relaxation experience without leaving you glued to the couch. Green Crack God shatter emanates a pungent aroma of sun warmed wood and pine, transporting you to summer camping trips and alpine hikes while delivering a full and earthy flavor both buttery and sweet.

Opening with a light and fluffy high, this concentrate is nothing but good times and giggles with friends, or introspective with a deeply penetrating warmth and euphoria for those who prefer to smoke solo. Good for calming outdoor adventures and lazy beach days, you don’t have to fear the sometimes irresistible embrace of your couch with GCG shatter. As the high begins to close you might find yourself dozing on your towel or lawn chair, waking to feel relaxed and refreshed. GCG shatter is considered to be an expert in the sleep department, its medical application leaning heavily towards treating ailments where rest is needed, although it is also noted for reducing inflammation and muscle pain. Order Green Crack Shatter Online.

Green Crack Shatter

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