Typical Effects: Buy Jet Fuel Shatter Online it is an ideal “wake and bake”. Her delicious flavors are just the start of an incredibly uplifting high. She immediately instills a sense of well-being and energy. This mental uplift helps combat anxiety and depression. She is also known to supply added creativity. You can also try this strain for a social boost, as she can cause you to be talkative, stress-free and happy. Try this strain for a daytime boost. She can also be used to help fight tension, pain and nausea.

Strain History: SFV OG X East Coast Sour Diesel
This particular melt tests high in Caryophyllene, the only terpene present in cannabis that is currently known to interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body. This results in increased anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Purchase Jet Fuel Shatter Online

Jet Fuel Shatter

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